Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Horse Problem

Dear viewers, welcome. My name is Janell and I have been horseless for a year and ten months. The "horseless" status is not something I would have chosen. My first horse, my heart horse, passed away in May of 2010. Due to my financial circumstance, and my financial obligations to my educational institution it would be irresponsible for me to purchase another horse at this time. This knowledge however does not keep me from wishing, hoping, dreaming.

You see I'm a horse addict, a "Horsaii" as Mugs from Mugwump Chronicles would put it. I live for the time I get to spend with horses. I love to watch them, I love the smell of them. To be in their presence fills me with happiness. Horses give me joy and a sense of purpose and I don't want to think of a life without them. To this point I have been greatly blessed when it comes to my horse experience. I didn't start into horses until I was around 20, despite having always loved these animals. The first barn I fell into was an Arabian training facility, and from the get go I had the benefit of competent instructors and a very skilled trainer(although we don't always agree on everything). I had a natural aptitude, and for once in my mediocre life I felt like there was finally something I was really good at. My skills led to greater opportunities. I went to horse shows as a groom. I got a taste for competition and fine horses. I leased a little purebred Arab mare and learned to drive. I finally got my own horse, Fame. I showed Fame. I moved barns. Life got hard. Fame died.

I stayed away from barns and horses in general after Fame's loss, but something is missing. I went back to school and that was fine but I couldn't stop thinking about horses. I wanted to ride again. I wanted drive. I wanted to listen to a barn full of happy horses nicker when I walked in. I wanted to hear the sounds of their methodical chewing and bathe in their amazing aroma. I started watching horse movies, training videos on YouTube, added several more horse blogs to my blog roll. I quietly stalked the sales pages of my favorite barns just to see what was for sale, and despaired knowing that the time was still not right for a purchase. At that point I walked back through the doors of my first barn, my home-away-from-home, and I felt at ease. The manure fork felt good in my hands, and I could ride again.

I get to ride again and drive which helps to sooth my horse want. I still keep looking, keep waiting for the perfect time. I resolve to not repeat the mistakes of my past.

For now I am horseless. I'm likely to stay that way for a while.

This blog I'll be about my current horse experiences, my thoughts on the horse industry, mostly where it concerns Arabians('cause it's what I know), showing and grooming horses on a small budget, rider fitness and getting in shape, and I will also be occasionally featuring horses I find for sale that I think would make interesting projects for the independent amateur or decent show horses.

Thank you for riding along.

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